::Sunday, February 22, 2004::
After a lot of time, a new YnM strip! :3
Wee! Fucktotum has reached 1000 hits! A fanart of thanks is urgently required <3
... and... a cuter counter, too XD

::Saturday, February 14, 2004::
Some new fanarts today ^_^

::Thursday, January 8, 2004::
Whee! A new strip! =D
Sigh. I'm quite busy with exams at the moment, so I'm afraid I won't be able to update as much as I like ._.; bear with me, mmmkay? ^^;
(Um... thinking about it, I often made these strips against exams's stress, so maybe on the contrary I could update even more... XD )
I go back to my books... -.-;

::Saturday, December 27, 2003::
some little retouches and a new link ^^

::Wednesday, December 24, 2003::
Christmas fanart! ^_^ Happy holidays from F*cktotum! =D

::Thursday, December 11, 2003::
WHEEEEE!!! Fucktotum is back!!! ^o^
Sigh, these last weeks I had several problems with my pc so I couldn't do many things T_T But hopefully now everything is alright again ^_^;
Let me spend two words to say a bigbigbig "SANKYUUUUU!!!!" to all the comments and emails I received!! Laura loves you all!!! (and sorry if I didn't reply, even my email addresses are against me ;_; )

However! About the update... added two oekakis ^^ Wait for some new strips... bwahaha >D

::Saturday, November 1, 2003::
Happy perv Halloween to everybody! XD
May the great Pumpkin bring you lots of yaoitic pleasures... XP

::Tuesday, October 28, 2003::
As promised, a new update! ^.^ A new strip, a new link and... a little new warning. Just to be sure :) *Laura loves her scribbles*

::Saturday, October 25, 2003::
Added the first part of the... um... gallery? Ehm, it's a quite big word... XD
In these days there'll be a further update, maybe ^^

::Monday, October 20, 2003::
*whew* Pitas was down and Fuckotum returned to its old look, so I had to fix everything again... but now it should be all right ^_^;

::Sunday, September 28, 2003::
Added a new comic! A little gallery is coming soon, too! (I hope ^^; )

::Sunday, September 21, 2003::
*tests tests*
Woo! FT is online! ^o^ I should still fix several things ._.; ... but it's online! XD

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Welcome to "Fucktotum", a little fanart site dedicated to madness, perversion, big bad semes and many others similar little big joys of life! Have fuuuun! XD
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This page is part of the "moody_daphne" (pseudo-)collective! XD

I've no problems if you want to use my fanart in your site, but please ask me before.
I don't like resorting to violence.

WARNING: even if in a totally chast and humorous way, some of the strips contain references to homosexuality. If you feel offended by the subject, simply don't look at them because I'll ignore every unmotivated claim, sankyuu! *false smile in Hakkai-style* O_^;

*** COMICZZZ ***
new --> old

The time has come to let you know the TRUTH...[Muraki's woman... is...] *NEW*
serie: Yami no matsuei
Ah, sepia-ish colors, like in an old photo, so nostalgic... =D
This was my interpretation of Tsubaki-hime's words when I had already seen YnM's anime, but I had read the manga only until the 3rd volume... =P
I was also suggested to draw... er... "her" in a bride kimono XD I had already inked the strip, so I decided to not change it... but I like a lot the idea, so there could be a new version, who knows! XD

Who could have ever abandoned such...[Still thinking about a title... ^^;]
serie: Saiyuki
I always wondered about how this scene really happened. And this is the result XD Also an excuse to try the tones in Opencanvas 3 :3
Hmmm, I'm also thinking about a sequel... XDDD

... we're waiting for...[Tonight... the moon is... ORANGE?!?!]
serie: Yami no matsuei
My halloween strip :3 With a little quotation to one of my childhood myths ;D (and with one of my actual myths, too... hehe XD )

Yeah, it's Kanzeon Bosatsu![PIGS!]
serie: Saiyuki
Er... this is not totally original... it's inspired by a stupid joke that I read on a newspaper... ^^;
Hey, it's the first time I draw a female character in these mini comics!...
*thinks about it for a second*
... er, nevermind... :P

BWAHAHAHA!!!![Last wish]
serie: Saiyuki
Inspired by the last episode of Saiyuki. Oh, come on, I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought about it!! XD It has been made me (rightly) notice that Sanzo isn't nosebleeding. He is, he is, we just can't see his nose... ;D

ATAAA![Slave to advertisings III - Now WHO kicks WHO's ass?!?]
serie: Yami no matsuei
From a scene of the anime's 10th episode. Uhm, expect some OOCness ^^; (what a novelty... XP ) (after all, I doubt that Tsuzuki-san can afford such high-quality stuff, with his poor salary... XD )

Somebody give me my whip...[Oh, the fanservice! (aka: too listless to draw a decent Zenon... and decent chains -.-; ... and this... and that... and... )]
serie: Saiyuki
Inspired by a very ambiguous scene from the ep. 46 of Saiyuki. Waaah, I don't like the way this one came out! >_< I've never drawn Zenon and Shien, and this is the result, sigh. AND I hate drawing chains. But i couldn't resist, I had to draw this scene! XD And I think I'm not the only one who thought about it, ne? ;D
[The first version] of the last panel... because I was undecided till the end about which of the two endings was more stupid... in the end I decided that Shien looks much more idiot with his own face XP but this one makes me laugh, too! XD

... losers.[How to survive to a hord of fierce chibi-shinigami
when Oriya isn't at home and can't save your ass!]

Serie: Yami no matsuei
Uuh, what a long title ^^; But it says everything, ne? XD
Hmm, maybe Muraki would never do such a thing, but who knows what he's plotting in that little perv brain of him... XD

Do you like sakura trees, little boy?Thou shalt not desire thy neighbour's uke
(aka "The little Sakura-bastard" :P)
[page 1] [page 2]
Series: Yami no matsuei - Tokyo Babylon
This is what happens when you have two of the worse big-bad-seme of the manga history, two sakura trees and two defendless uke with the bad habit of walking a bit too much (and with the WORST timing of the manga history!! -.-;); mix all this with an incredible senseless space-time confusion, and what do you have? Answer: A big mess, a stupid crossover mini-comic and a totally confused Laura-chan!!! XDDD (yeeeah, I did this during exams, too... -.-;)

Hmm... not bad...[Smoking hurts... or not?]
Serie: Yami no matsuei
Woo, colors! :D Oh well, these mini-comics are first of all my cavies, mbwahaha! So, don't be surprised if there aren't even two of them drawn with the same technique, eheh. About this one... um, it's quite pointless ^^; I just did it to relax a bit while I was studying for an exam ^_^

What a great timing...Who knows why everything happens to me [page 1] [page 2]
Serie: Saiyuki
Inspired by the ep.35 of Saiyuki. Poor Kougaiji, he commits himself so much to look like a serious villain... aww, poor thing.

Good eeeeevening...Slave of advertisings II - The seme-next-door [page 1] [page 2]
Serie: Saiyuki
Well, since that Italian spot had a sequel, I couldn't help drawing a sequel myself! XD Oh, and by the way, the subtitle is "Homura's uke-ization"! :P
(gee, I want his apron!! XD)

So, do you know what do I tell you?...Slave of advertisings I - The uke-next-door [page 1] [page 2]
Serie: Saiyuki
Whee, My first doujinshi ever!! XD Uhm, maybe "doujinshi" is an exaggerated word for such a scribble, heeheehee! However. It's inspired by an Italian spot, so I don't know if many people will understand it ^_^; Oh well. And... I have NO idea of who Goku is speaking with ^^; Suggestions are really welcome!

*** GALLERY ***


[Trippou Gensuin (aka Ten-paunch or Fat-pou)] (Saiyuki)
Uh... I can't remember what discussion came this from... I just remember I felt the urge to draw it, hee-hee! ^^; *pokes it to make it swing*

[Genjo Panzo] (Saiyuki)
This was the natural consequence of "Trippou" :3
(I drew Sanzo since Konzen wouldn't have been so much funny XP )

[Shy Gojyo and chu Hakkai] (Saiyuki)
I like silly puns. Resign yourself.

[Sanzo's secret passion...] (Saiyuki)
... is the MINESTRONE!!!
Don't ask. XD
Look, he seems so happy... his eyes are shining... aww!
(what's the "minestrone"? er... it would be too reductive to say it's a "vegetable soup"... it's only... "minestrone"!! XDD )

[The angsty pig] (Saiyuki)
This is what happens when you mix Saiyuki and anthro art. Er, yesss, "art". XP
Blame Lisa-chan again!! (<-- hey! this is called "pass-the-buck"!! XDDD ) Kidding, kidding <3
More beasts coming soon! >D

[Ph34r teh gawd of WUB! <333] *NEW*
serie: Saiyuki
Hah! Did you think that, with my proverbial bad luck in love affairs,I'd have left FT without a St Valentine pic?? NO! >D
And what do you think I did? A Tsuzuki/Hisoka pic? Or a Sanzo/Goku one maybe? Or a Muraki/anyone pic... or maybe some het stuff? XD
NO!!! XDDD (and... it's an old idea. But I don't remember where did it come from :P )


[Merry Yami-no-Xmas!!]
serie: Yami no matsuei
My little 2003's Chrismast card for all the visitors of "Fucktotum"! <3

[Fratelli DiVersi] *NEW*
serie: Yu-gi-oh
Well, sincerely I'm not a big Yu-gi-oh fan ^^; But after that I heard "Duel Madness" (Seto's theme song) I couldn't resist to draw him as a rapper and his "li'l bro" as his supporter! XD Sick-a-pow sick-a-pow!

[One true pairing] *NEW*
serie: One Piece
Not to be repetitive... but I'm not a big fan of "One Piece" either ^^; But I like Sanji. He reminds me a bit of Sanzo =D About the pic... uh... it's inspired by a doujinshi cover... =P